Branch Spiral                       Branch                           Half Moon                 Silver plant stand

 15 Chase                          5 Chase (also in arrow)              15 Chase

  Eq#6566                                 Eq#  6578                               Eq#  6590                  Eq#




       Tree                       Unity                                 Aisle marker                          Podium

         9 Chase                  3 Chase                                                                                   1 small Chase and Globe              

 Eq6589                       Eq6345                                   Eq  6546                                 Eq6543

                                                           Also in Silver: Half Moon, Heart,  Long and

  Silver Kneeling Bench                                              Short Candle lighters, unattached

    Eq6564                                                                              Isle Markers, 5 branch scroll,

                                                                                       7 branch arrows,  & tabletop Candelabras

                                                                                                                    ( Please See Brass for these styles)