tent with 1/2 clear top                                                       Tent with black carpet floor


  Decorated tent w/window walls and chandeliers                                                40x100 tent  


                        marquee                                                                               blk and white half marquee over a bar



                                                                   50 x70 tents with liner and paper lanterns


                             20x40 pole tent                                                                             solid tent with clear mid sections


                 30x40 frame tent                                                                           30x70 clear frame tent


                                                                                        both pictures are of 20x40's  with dance floors


                30x50                                                                                                                  20x20


  30x50 tent with lights                                                                                                                                   50x70





                Outdoor event                                           Tent on patio


 Tent with window walls                                         Tent with walls all the way around



       Marquee with clear walls                                      Marquee with clear walls near pool

                        Clear Walls                                Tent with pole wraps and chandeliers

                                                   20x30 on Kress Terrace Roof Top
                                                     Tent with Burlap Pole Wraps


                                                                   40 wide tents