Decorative Overlays 

These are just some that we have , Please feel free to stop by and look at them or if you want something that's not shown here let us know!!We can custom make tablecloths for you !

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    WHITE WITH BLACK SCROLL 80X80   6581                                                                     BLACK WITH WHITE CHANDELIERS  6560

                                                                                                                          WHITE WITH BLACK CHANDELIERS 6562


   CHEETAH  80X80 6187                                                                                                     PINK WITH BROWN FLOWERS 13x90 6247120  6246


     BLACK   CHAFFONE  FRUIT  72X72 5618                                                                              RUST CASABLANCA  80X80 6015



    BAMBOO HUNTER GREEN  80X80 5980                                                                                       FIREWORKS LINEN  80X80 5622


    BLUE FORENO   80X80  6244                                                                                                      FLOWER POWER  80x80 6140



                                MI MI 72X72  6013                                                                              purple rust tile    80X80 5293




             GOLD AND BURGUNDY TILE 6138                                                                                 BRAZIL 5986


           PEACH SWIRL 6583                                                                                          IVY 5055                                


        HARLEQUIN BRIGHT  80X80  5547                                                                                                       BOY WITH FRUIT CART 80X80 5061



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