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      Bamboo Flatware       Contemporary Flatware

Dinner Knives, Dinner Forks, Tea-spoons, Table spoons
**Serving Pieces also avAIlable in Bamboo Flatware***
Long handled Slotted Spoons, Long handled Serving Spoons, And long Handled Serving Forks



 Gold plated dinner fork            

Gold plated  dinner knife

 Gold plated salad/desert fork

Gold plated soup spoon

Gold plated teaspoon


 Elegant Stainless Flatware

   Elegant dinner fork

 Elegant dinner knife

 Elegnant  Salad/ dessert fork

 Elegant soup spoon

 Elegant teaspoon



 Beaded Flatware 

 Beaded dinner fork

 Beaded dinner knife

 Beaded salad/desert fork

 Beaded soup spoon

 Beaded teaspoon 


 Elegant Hammered Stainless

hammered bread and butter knife

hammered dinner fork

hammered dinner knife

 hammered  Salad/desert fork

 hammered seafood/cocktail fork

hammered serving fork

hammered serving spoon

hammered soup spoon

hammered teaspoon



 Silver plated Flatware

 Silver plated bread and butter knife

 Silver plated demitasse 

 Silver plated dinner fork

 Silver plated dinner knife

 Silver plated ice teaspoon

 Silver plated salad/desert fork

 Silver plated seafood/cocktail fork

 Silver plated serving laddel

 Silver plated serving spoons

 Silver plated soup spoon

 Silver plated teaspoon